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Marcellus Juvann Interview

Updated: Feb 14

This meet the Truther article is something I have been working on for a very long time. I wanted to make sure I got this right. I wanted to make sure you knew who Marcellus Juvann was after you left this page. I was lucky enough to have Marcellus over in my own home for an interview back in August. I learned some really amazing things from my time with him that I would love to share with you all.

Marcellus Juvann has been recording since the 3rd grade. You don’t believe me? Hear it straight from the legend himself:

He would even sell mixtapes at school for $5, making over $100 some days. During his junior year he quit basketball to pursue rapping.

The first two projects from Marcellus, The Fall and The Great Escape were both amazing production wise and lyrically speaking. He told me at the end of our interview together that the key to a long career is mystery. For that reason, I ask that you look up those two projects on your own and find out what they mean to you.

The next project was Carpe Noctem and this is where our story really begins. Literally translating into Seize the Night this project was incredibly inspirational and showcases Marcellus’ ability to continue to tell a story. Marcellus was a big fan of Kid Cudi growing up, all of us in our mid 20 somethings probably were, but you can see the inspiration from Cudi in this project 100%. Cudi always taught us how to navigate out of a dark situation and a bad place. Marcellus continues his teachings on this tape, guiding us through the dark, and leading us to a more prosperous place.

As Marcellus transitions out of the dark and into the light, we are blessed with his project ELITE. If you aren’t ELITE already, you will want to be a member of the ELITE community immediately after finishing this. The meaning of ELITE has grown over the years with the idea originating from Jay Z’s Black Cloud Elite. The ELITE that we know today actually came from a trip on shrooms and will change the way you think about a lot of things.


L- Lives

I- In

T- The

E- End

ELITE has so many different meanings, and the coolest part about ELITE is that it is customizable to each individual. There are tons of ways to be “elite”, you just have to find yours.

In my interview with Marcellus, right away he tied this meaning to leaving a positive impression on people. No matter what, our souls will live on even after our physical bodies are gone. Whether it is 1 person or 1,000 people, as long as you have done something to leave your impression felt, you are living in the end. This is explained pretty clearly on the opening track “Opening Prayer” on the ELITE tape. He mentioned other things it means to him such as providing for your family and passing along the knowledge that you have to them. One of my favorite connections he made to Everyone Lives in the End is the references he made to déjà vu and reincarnation as well. Both of these concepts tie directly into living in the “end”. If you have ever had déjà vu you know exactly what it’s like to have the feeling of having been somewhere before.

I have to say though, my biggest takeaway from my time with Marcellus is put simply into one word: patience. I have struggled with patience my entire life, expecting things to be done in such a fast paced manner all the time. Expecting end results right away has been an unhealthy thing in my life for a long time. Marcellus has taught me how to rein in my expectations and be more patient. Coming into the show last August, I was expecting it to be sold out, people going crazy in the crowd for a guy I know is one of the greatest to do this. I’m not going to lie, there weren’t a lot of people at the show, 9 out of the 10 tickets I gave away didn’t even show up, I felt really bad honestly. But then, I had my talk with Marcellus the next day and everything really hit me. He was so happy for the support that did show up to the show and was grateful for the progress he had made in his career thus far. Dreams don’t just happen overnight, they don’t just fall into your lap. You have to work your ass off to get people to hear your message and there is a lot more work to it than most people are willing to accept. Marcellus has accepted patience, and he has shown me a much better way to live throughout this whole process.

Marcellus is someone everyone in hip hop should be looking up to. He inspires. He speaks on things in ways that no one else is doing right now, and he deserves your undivided attention. Marcellus will forever be one of the supporting roots of the Talkin Truth family and I cannot wait to see how far his message can spread. The time I got to spend with him and his crew was something I will never forget for the rest of my life. You guys treated me like family and I can never thank all of you guys enough.


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