Meet the Trut[h]ers - Kyle Bent

Kyle Bent will be the feature for our second installment of Meet the Trut[h]ers. Both Kyle and Talkin Trut[h] are on the same basic mission, and that is to bring people together through music. Check out our mission statement and you will understand completely. Listening to the lyrics Kyle manifests gives you an immediately better outlook on life. Kyle is only 21 years old which is what makes his approach and his message that much more impressive.

He is not afraid to speak on feelings and how he personally chooses to deal with these feelings. Kyle is a special artist because he is adamant in people gaining the ability to properly express themselves through listening to music. We live a life drowned in technology and social media, which is addressed in several of his tracks, and this can really take away from our abilities to properly deal with our feelings, both good and bad. Kyle is a very spiritual being and he really teaches you how to connect with your spiritual self as well, it is quite magical.

Just as the world is evolving around us, Kyle evolves with it. To sustain longevity in any career, you need to be able to evolve and adjust with time and current events. We have seen so many artists recently that are straying away from record labels and such to build their own success. In my opinion, the most fruitful artists are the ones who connect with their communities and build a long sustaining relationship with them. Kyle is a prime example of this kind of artist, a Trut[h]er.

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