Meet the Trut[h]ers - Mick Jeknins

Where do I even begin with this guy? The first time I heard Mick was back in April of 2015. I will never forget it, I thought to myself, “This is what hip hop is supposed to sound like”. It wasn’t that I didn’t like other hip hop or know about it, but that was the sound my ears had always been looking for. I am still chasing that sound today, down a rabbit hole of underground hip hop artists that spread love and care for the culture. Mick Jenkins is the core inspiration to Talkin Trut[h] and what we represent here. That makes this literally the most important article on this site. Mick is the pure definition of a true emcee. He speaks the Trut[h] and no record label or any bullshit is going to stop him from getting a prosperous message out. Everything you see on this site has a little bit of Mick in it, the trees, the truth in the name, he is featured in the mission statement song, he inspired everything here. With that, let’s dive into our first ever Trut[h]er, Mick Jenkins.

Mick was “born in Hunstville, Alabama. At nine years old I moved to the South side of Chicago, Illinois and I’ve been there ever since.” from the song Free Nation Rebel Soldier Pt. 2. Mick’s discography runs so deep you cannot even find the two songs off of his original 2 song EP Hot Crunchy Cheese Curls anywhere online. Luckily I have the files on my laptop and can still jam out to Ben Franky Beverly and Wassup anytime I want.

My favorite thing about Mick Jenkins is the amount of artistic growth you see in this man from project to project, song to song. From The Mickstape (2012) to The Pursuit of HappyNess: The Story of Mickalas Cage (2012) and then on to Trees and Truths (2013), all you see is improvement in production and a steady flow of bars throughout. Now we get to his project The Water[s] (2014), this is the one where absolutely everything came together. Production value was amazing, bars were on point, storytelling was there, etc. etc. The Water[s] was and still is a classic project that deserves to be played front to back at least once, if not many more times. From the waters came The Wave[s] (2015) which is where I feel Mick stepped out of his comfort zone just a bit experimenting with some different sounds. I cannot stress enough how consistently good his bars are and his ability to tell a complete story.

A two song EP called Sip! (2016) came in prelude to his 2016 project The Healing Component. The Healing Component was a literal mission of spreading love and helping us question what love really is, including self love. This is the project where everything Mick has been working toward was, in my opinion, perfected. The Healing Component took the amazing instrumental and production sounds from The Wave[s] and again continued to bring the bars and storytelling from all of his previous work.

Mick has since then released two more EP projects called: or more; the anxious (2017) and or more; the frustration (2018). These two projects took us through Mick’s emotions and what his mind state has been since getting ready to release his next new album titled Pieces of a Man. I have never been more excited for a Mick Jenkins project in my life. He seems to be in a better state of mind than he ever has been. He is the ruler of his own world and community and he owns it in the most humble way possible. I got to have an amazing conversation with him after his show at emporium earlier this calendar year. Everything I ever thought about his music was validated by his explanation to me that night. If you happen to see this, Mick, thank you again for that conversation and all of the inspiration you have given me. I will never stop working on Talkin Trut[h] and we wouldn’t even be here today if it wasn’t for him.

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