New mick jenkins single!

Mick Jenkins is back at it again with another surprise release preceding his new album coming this fall titled Pieces of a Man. The new song "What Am I To Do" is produced by Montreal based Kaytranada who has done work with Mick before. (Rain, Aurora Borealis, Communicate ft. Rvyn Lenae) They continue to sooth your soul with beautiful sound from Kay and the endless bars with word play from Mick.

Mick is never afraid to touch on his thoughts on police and their inability to run a just system. The other thing Mick really makes clear is that none of that is going to cloud his vision and he will continue to be one of the best artists in the hip hop world. He is upward and onward to bigger and better things and you are the one who is missing out if you don't pay attention.

As he stated in the single release before this one, Bruce Banner, no one can come for him except Kendrick when it comes to rapping. He is right.

Click the links below to hear the new fire from Mick: