Stock Marley Releases new Single "Surface [Prod. by thempeople]"

You better get used to seeing both of these names on Talkin Trut[h]. Stock Marley, one of the many Emcees in the arsenal of FREENATION, just moved to Chicago and you can tell his moves are paying off already. With production coming from THEMpeople and what Stock referred to as a thesis, we are blessed with this masterpiece.

Stock makes you feel right at home letting you know we have all been down before, but with the right perseverance and attitude, anything is possible. His unique voice and individualized sound are quite the musical treat.

I do not want to take away from his bars or wordplay in the song, but pay attention to these two lines:

  1. I see the future when I see myself


      2. I know that life ain’t perfect but you gotta let that real shit surface

What do these two lines mean to you? Please comment at the bottom!

Stock Marley is a true inspiration and an OG Talkin Trut[h]er. Follow his journey on social media below, and check out his new song “Surface [Prod. by THEMpeople].