What is talkin trut[h]?

First off, we were founded in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago in February of 2018. Both Nate Waltz and Josh Sanders are the creators of this mission.

What Talkin Trut[h] is all about:

Some hip hop music slaps and is there for a great time; like the girl over the summer you’re just having fun with. Then there is the hip hop music that gives you butterflies, challenges your thoughts, and encourages you to be a better person; wifey material.

Talkin Trut[h] is all about providing you with the most purposeful hip hop around. I want people to be able to come here every day and experience what I do every time I hit play on my phone. I want to change people’s lives just like the music did for me. The relationship with my mother enhanced immensely because of hip hop. If that isn’t purpose, I truly don’t know what is. Hip hop music changed my life and it allowed me to open my mind and see the world in so many different ways.

What Talkin Trut[h] will offer in the future:

I want to build a community of hip hop fans, bring them together, and expose the world to a more positive message. Hip hop is not always perceived in the right light. I would like to expose the “other side” of hip hop, the truly artistic side of the culture. To do this we are going to need help spreading this message, if you have gotten this far, simply share this article if you could.

To achieve this goal, I plan on having a plethora of different content. This will include but may not be limited to some of the following: a weekly live stream discussion with live viewer interaction, artist interviews, community member involvement, doing concert vlogs, artistic album reviews, giveaways, and many more awesome ideas once we get this thing going. Click the link to the Spotify playlist, follow our Instagram, feel the vibes, and start your journey with us.